Visual content advisory in creation & workflow
B2B tailored consulting for scalable improvements


Auditing through deep diagnosis
Identifying structural & technological flaws
Predicting soon-to-become flaws
Period: 5 to 15 days,followed by a detailed report.
The report delivery is advocated collectively:
either closed doors discussions
either open conferencing. or both


Briefings: summarizie & classify the flaws
Why’s: draw the very core
How to’s: organize, prepare, promote;trends, practices, guides
Extras: case studies, experiences


Customized consultancy
period: 5 to 15 days
Fields of operations:
technological, behavioural, marketing, treasury impacts, essential & basic legals, brand essence,target insights, guidelines.
Fragmentations of touchpoints:
social media,press releases, in&out bound marketing.
Fragmentation of processes:
production at scale, inline with strategy, consistency & differentiation. recall & connection. generic + repetivive & artistic + unique. visuals logistics management

What we do

Have you: Spent over 5K for a one shot visual campaign on instagram, the results are deceving? Sent 2K reminders and esteem the response rate is low? Done hundreds promotions and still it is not enough? Observed your front office and field teams lack visual ressources? Worked with agencies or recruited besties and you’re still not leading the market? Felt you’re not so undifferentiated across channels & campaigns? Been running for visual content providers and you think you spent too much? Discovered your visuals sound last minute discount offers? Realized your services and products got listed where you don’t want? Fought for allegiance, and did not received enough agreements? Already seen your ownerships and protection rights circumvented? Concluded your brand is loved but your sales don’t follow? Been satisfied of your teams but the results are not as expected? Sometimes thought of challenging your identity a bit more? Been using brand ambassadors and this process became too expensive? Seen a huge cost-benefit flip in the last years?
Do YOU recognise your company in any of these situations? Pixinbiz will help you solve these matters; and some others! because Pixinbiz treads and treats everything visual. Everything around and about visual content, creation, workflow, deployment. Pixinbiz will help you prevent, update, disclose and bring more to the energy and the vision you already have. 90% of consumers want authentic content. 60% are more reactive to visuals than voice or text. That is 90% & 60% of You. That is 90% & 60% of your partners, of your employees, of your customers. Out-out-dated can be the future. Present techniques become obselete in few months. So what has-has-been may be the future line of work for success. A successfull visual strategy also means having a knowledge empowered strategy. Pixinbiz will make you disconstruct. At the same time it will help you enchance your vision. Agencies bring you data and strategies that 10 thousands others will deploy. Pixinbiz is not selling you innovative copy pasted all over strategies. Pixinbiz will tell you the options. Visual strategies are not vanities or sparkling & impressive creativity. Visual strategies are systemizing, shaping, ordering, doing strategic transgressions, risk assessings, readjustements, legal compliances, ensuring quality, securing rights, foresighting markets through precognition & anticipation, challenges & differentiations, And most of all, acting. Surprise. Leading visually with agility. Act Now. Surprise. Always act & react & act. Now. And repeat

Speed up your creations

Footprints of your content

Symplifying your task executions

Basis of knowledge

Agile deployments

Visual datamining

In/Outbound Marketing assimilation

Leadership enhancement

Casting your partners

Brand charisma improvement

Customer success

Extensive diffusions

Legal awareness

Technological contingencies

Emergency responses

Cost-effective solutions

Brand consistency

Processes swiftness


Who is Pixinbiz?
Company founded in 2019 by Bogdan-Mihai, business & fine art photographer.
PIXINBIZ is about pictorials in businesses (PixInBiz)and about pixing businesses (PixinBiz).

While doing photography for companies over the last 5 years, my scholarship & professional experience foregoing photography, helped me understand a number of phenomenas.
Passionate about my job as a photographer, I started my career within international NGOs. Being Romanian but European above all, by embracing multiculturalism and forward thinking, I aim to share and bring my know-how on valuable/sensible projects. My purpose : enrich them and put people who are the essence of it in value.
You face certain risk factors, you lack of time or resources, your teams are overloaded, take the reindeer with confidence by trusting the approach I propose to you to win financially, temporally and humanly.
Your image is precious, expand its value and influence.


What about the cost?
Although it is difficult to evaluate the task given the complexities of companies and the complexity of the work,
please find the different rates applied.
Prices are subject to variation, depending of the company's profile, please do ask for your quotation.

Type Description Price range
Audit structural, technical & human +'s & -'s IDing 1000 to 3000 €
Audit report delivery advocated collectively free of charge
Conferencing briefings, experiences, guidelines 500 €
Consulting customized consultancy 3000 to 6000 €
nota bene: VAT taxes not included. For France: exVAT +20%. VAT +20%

How the price is valued

Package pay-per-result basis.

Other expenses

Travel expenses are not included.


news updates

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